Business Continuity Plan

Step One

What's your name?*

What's the name of your company?*

What is your work email?*

Business Continuity Plan

Step Two

How safe do you think your team feels right now in this economy? *

Are you still paying yourself?*

Are you still paying your staff?*

How is your staff currently communicating with each other? *

Business Continuity Plan

Step Three

What product are you selling to your customers?*

Have sales declined for you since March, 2020?*

If yes, by how much?


How is your staff currently communicating with your customers?*

Who are your main competitors?*

Do you have any technically-adept people on your team?*

If yes, who are they and what is their current title?

Business Continuity Plan

Step Four

Do you currently have a Business Continuity Plan?*

If yes, Can you please upload a PDF copy?

How long have you been in business?*


How is your entity structured?*

Where are you incorporated?*

How do you currently distribute funds from Gross Revenues?*

What costs do you have?*

How much do you charge your customers?*

Be clear on specific prices for products or provide a link to your pricing sheet unless custom, write "custom"

Business Continuity Plan

Step Five

More information: Upload any additional documents that you'd like to share with us. (business plans, NDAs, continuity plans, brand books, etc.)